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Run 3

Run 3

Run 3 is an action game in which players can run, jump and show their dexterity on random tiles in an endless space.
The rules of the game are easy to understand: The player controls the small alien to run as far as possible without falling into a hole in space. But things are not simple at all, because during the run the player will face a number of challenges that require more agile reactions than ever. Pay attention to the black and gray holes ahead, these will be obstacles that will force you to stop the game and start over. Therefore, players need to pay attention to each jump to avoid falling into the hole. It doesn't stop there, the more the player continues to run, the level will gradually increase, the speed will also increase significantly. Stay mentally stable to set a record for the furthest runner in this game.
Game modes include:
- Adventure Mode: The main game mode in Run 3, designed in the form of a space wall, the player's goal is to control the main character to overcome the wall and reach the destination through levels.
- Infinite mode: The second game mode in the game, with no specific goal or destination, where you can play forever in an unlimited level. You just need to run and pass the walls wall in space until it can no longer continue.
Useful tips for you to apply when playing the game: First, focus and predict obstacles to find the right path so you can react promptly. The second tip is to collect as many stars as possible, this helps unlock new characters and content. Finally, adjust the sound and graphics (screen brightness) appropriately, this can help you practice your ability to concentrate and react faster in the game.

How To Play?

Use arrow keys to move.




Use the left or right arrow to rotate the world.
Use up arrow to jump.
Use R to reset.
Use the P key to pause the game.

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