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Run 3

Run 3

Run 3 is a popular and interesting online video game, belonging to the endless runner genre (players need to continue running forever without stopping). It is an exciting space adventure game where players will experience exciting adventures in endless space. The game is designed with simple but very attractive graphics, creating a world full of mystery and challenges.

In Run 3, players will take on the role of an alien character tasked with running on space platforms, overcoming difficult levels and avoiding obstacles. The game has an attractive system with unlimited turns and levels, creating a constant and never-boring challenge.

Each level in Run 3 is built in 3D space, creating a sense of expansion and unique graphics. The player must move the character through moving platforms, cross chaotic spaces and run on unpredictable twisting routes.

The game has hundreds of different levels, each level offers a unique challenge. Players will have to rely on their agility and quick reflexes to avoid collisions with obstacles, jump through ever-expanding spaces, and even run across curvy spatial surfaces.

The special feature of Run 3 is the combination of calculation and quick reflexes. Players need to calculate to decide on the appropriate path to move the character through different levels. At the same time, quick reflexes are also important to avoid colliding with obstacles and not falling into bottomless space. Otherwise, the player will fail and have to play the level again.


The control keys in Run 3 are very simple. Players simply use the left/right arrow keys to move left/right, the up arrow key to jump, and the down arrow key to place their feet on the platforms.

With simple yet addictive gameplay, Run 3 is a suitable game for both beginners and those who love challenges. Get ready to face difficulties and become the best player in this adventure space!

How To Play?

Use arrow keys to move.




Use the left or right arrow to rotate the world.
Use up arrow to jump.
Use R to reset.
Use the P key to pause the game.

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